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Exploring the Water Parks of Puerto Rico

By Ron | 7/10/2010, @8:13:37 AM

Taking a trip has never been so exciting as in 2009. Puerto Rico boasts a lot of exciting places to see, with cool places to have fun and enjoy the perfect vacation. But did you know that Puerto Rico also has some of the best water parks in the Caribbean? Join us as we take a look at 5 of the coolest water parks you’ll find in Puerto Rico!

Las Cascadas Water Park

Las Cascadas Water Park

Let’s begin our trip with Puerto Rico’s biggest and most famous water park, Las Cascadas. Located on the north-western shores of Puerto Rico, in the town of Aguadilla, this Water Park boasts the biggest water slides on the island. It has everything you can find in a Water Park, along with huge water slides, a passive river where you can float along (and get a thrill or two), speed slides for the more aggressive vacationers in us, and an array of pools and water areas for the kids. There is also an activity pool where you’re going to be able to do some water activities that are both challenging and fun. Oh and let’s not forget their long duration slides, the longest of them at a minute and a half of water sliding fun.

Getting to Las Cascadas is easy. If you are coming from San Juan, take road PR-22 towards Arecibo / Aguadilla, then from there connect to PR-2 which takes you to Aguadilla itself. You will be able to see the water park right from the highway. Also be sure to pack early, the water park can get crowded on a hot summer day. Fees start at $19.95 for adults, $17.95 children 4-12. Click here for more information about Las Cascadas Water Park

Ola Marina / Isla Chiquitines

The Ola Marina is Puerto Rico’s classic, most visited water park second to Las Cascadas. Located in the Southern city of Salinas, la Ola Marina is most famous for its Wave Pool, that each 5 – 10 minutes generate"s cool waves for you to float around. It has also a children’s park, “Villa Enchumbá” or Soaked Ville for the smaller of us. There are also two new attractions, Isla Chiquitines, a place for smaller children to have their own water fun.

Getting there is also easy. From all points on the Island, take road PR-52 towards the town of Salinas. If coming from the south, you need to pay the toll booth. Once you do, take the first exit to your right. If coming from San Juan, once you reach the toll (you don’t have to pay it), take the first exit. Then from there follow the signs to the Albergue Olimpico. Fees vary depending on park you wish to visit, but all-day access to all three parks is at $15 per adult. More about Ola Marina & Isla Chiquitines Waterpark

Rancho Corozal Water Park

The Rancho Corozal Water Park is a smaller park located on the eastern / northern side of Puerto Rico. It was several features and attractions for the whole family, along with a passive river, 6 pools, a giant waterslide, and other facilities for the family.

To learn how to get there and for more deails, please visit our listing for Rancho Corozal Park and Restaurant

Coquí Water Park

Coqui Water Park
We will end our tour of Puerto Rico’s water attractions with the newest entry to the gang, the Coquí Water Park. Located in the eastern shores of Puerto Rico, in the city of Fajardo right inside the El Conquistador resort, this park boasts state-of-the-art pools and attractions for all ages. It includes a 8,500 sq feet pool, a speed slide for spine-tingling thrills, a tube slide, a body slide, and a passive river. Also included are areas for the children to enjoy.

To get there, take road PR-3 towards Rio Grande / Fajardo. Follow directly the road until reaching Fajardo area. Then follow the signs towards El Conquistador Hotel. Fees start at $19.95 for adults, $14.95 for children ages 3-12. For more info, visit our listing for Coqui Water Park.

Author's Note: As of this year, the Speed 'n Splash Water Park in El Tuque has ceased operations until further notice. Please keep posted to this website for more information.
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