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Top 10 Places You Can't Miss in Puerto Rico

By Ron | 3/22/2010, @2:24:59 PM

Wheter you like the mountain, the beach or history, Puerto Rico offers a great variety of places you can explore and enjoy. From national monuments to natural wonders, Puerto Rico's got it all. To better enjoy your trip in Puerto Rico, we have narrowed down the top 10 places you cannot miss in your next visit to Puerto Rico. Be sure to check them all out!

So, let's begin!

10. Old San Juan Historic District

The Old San Juan Historic District is the first place you can't miss if you are in Puerto Rico. With different places to explore, you'll be amazed at the Island's rich history and culture. Learn more about San Juan National Historic Site.

9. Ponce Historic District

The southern city of Ponce is filled with neo-classic structures and a lot of interesting things to explore. The second-most important city on the island, Ponce offers a great way to explore the beauty of Puerto Rico away from the crowds of the San Juan metropolitan area. Click here to learn more about Ponce.

8. Porta Coeli church and Museum

Heralded as one of the oldest buildings in the Americas, the Porta Coeli church stands as a witness of Spanish domination on the Island and the way the Church dominated all things in the early centuries of the New World.

Porta Coeli Church

7. Mayaguez National Zoo

The Juan A. Rivero National Zoo is the only Zoo in Puerto Rico. With an excellent collection of wild and exotic animals, the zoo offers a unique experience for children and adults alike.

Dr. Juan A Rivero National Zoo

6. Caguana and Tibes Indian Ceremonial Parks

Puerto Rico is an area rich in pre-Columbian history. The local Indians, called "taínos" (ta-eeh-nos) have left us with a rich legacy of their culture, customs and beliefs. Caguana, located in the Central Mountain town of Utuado, is the most magical of them. Tibes, the biggest pre-Columbian archeological area in the Caribbean, lies in the southern city of Ponce.
Learn more about

Caguana Ceremonial Ball Courts Site

Tibes Indian Ceremonial Park

5. La Parguera Bioluminiscent Bay

Considered as one of the most complete and preserved bioluminescent bays in the World, the Parguera Bay is a sight not to be missed. Tiny microscopic organisms light the water for a show you cannot miss! The bay itself is a protected area, so the only way to reach it is by boat. You can take any of the boating services right on the Parguera area. Click the link for more information and precautions.

La Parguera Bioluminescent Bay

4. El Yunque Rainforest

With over 3 million gallons of water each year, El Yunque is the only Tropical Forest in the United States National Parks Service. With countless trails, you'll be able to explore the heart of the Puerto Rican flora and fauna. Picnic and camping areas are also available.

El Yunque Tropical Forest

3. El Morro Castle and San Cristóbal Fort

El Morro is a long-standing symbol of Puerto Rico's beauty and historical legacy. For over 400 years El Morro has stood as an impressive witness to Puerto Rico's Spanish legacy. The San Cristóbal Fort is a smaller castle located on the bigger San Juan defense system built to defend the Island from invaders.

2. Arecibo Radiotelescope (NAIC)

The National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center, commonly known as the Arecibo Telescope, is still currently the world's biggest radio telescope. With a span of 1,000 feet, you'll stare in awe at the sheer immensity of the facilities.

Arecibo Observatory

1. Camuy River Caverns

Finally, we can't finish this list without by far the most beautiful sights you'll see on the Island. The Camuy River Caverns is a System of caves deep in the north side of Puerto Rico. Only three caves are open to the public from the huge cavernous complex, still the thrills will be long remembered. Don't miss this one up!

Camuy River Caverns

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