Extraterrestrial Route

Road on the west side of the island that has been the scenario of several alleged UFO sightings

For years, the area surrounding the town of Lajas and the well known valley of Lajas has been the scenario of alleged UFO sightings and other legends. This area contains several landmarks related to the UFO scene, like the Cartagena Lagoon where people believe UFOs land on an underwater base, the Lajas Valley, where townspeople affirm the existence of the world famous "chupacabras" or 'goatsucker', an alien life form that kills farm animals by sucking their blood. Other nearby places include the Phosphorecent Bay in La Parguera, which although not related to the UFO scene, its an eerie attraction all by itself. Road 303 also rounds the 'Sierra Bermeja', a chain of hills over which many UFO sightings have been reported. The road has been declared the "Extraterrestial Route" by locals, an opportunity that the mayor of the city wants to take advantage of by declaring Road 303 as the UFO Landing Strip of Puerto Rico. If you are into the UFO scene, this is the place for you.

How to Get There

From Ponce, take road #2 towards Mayaguez. After Yauco Plaza, Take the next exit towards state road 116 and the city of Guánica. Follow the road and take road 305, which connects to road 303.

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