Weather in San Juan

Provided by the National Oceanic Administration

Current Conditions:
Mostly Cloudy
84.0 F (28.9 C)
Feels like: 92 F (33 C)
Humidity: 74
Heat Index: 92 F (33 C)
Wind: South at 4.6 MPH (4 KT)
Relative Humidity: 74
Pressure: 1013.7 mb
Dew Point: 75.0 F (23.9 C)
Last Updated on Sep 16 2019, 3:56 pm AST

3 Day Forecast


Rain Showers
Rain: 50%

Rain Showers
Rain: 30%

Rain Showers
Rain: 30%

Rain Showers
Rain: 20%

Alerts / Advisories

A strong low in the northern Atlantic has sent large swell toward the local area. Later this week Hurricane Humberto will also add swell across the area. This will create a high risk of rip currents and high surf with breaking waves of 10 feet and greater. ...HIGH RIP CURRENT RISK NOW IN EFFECT THROUGH LATE THURSDAY