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Tourism Company gives its first eco tourism certifications

Luis Daniel Mu?iz, executive sub-director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company of Puerto Rico has confrmed that El Batey Zipline, from Utuado; Aventura Cueva Ventana, from Arecibo and Black Beard Sports from Vieques have become the first eco-tourism businesses on the island to receive its certification under the Eco Tourism Program of the organization.

"With the beginning of this program wi ratify our efforts in promoting a sustainable development in the tourism industry, positioning Puerto Rico as a destination with unique resources and able to create new jobs and affect the country's economy in suhc ways as in eco tourism" said Mu?iz Mart?nez.
Accordng to the World Tourism Organization, sustainable tourism is defined as tourism activity that satisfies the needs of travelers and hosting regions, which in turn protects and improves opportunities for the future. It pertains the management of all resources in such a way that the economic needs are met, as well as social and aesthetic needs while maintaining the integrity of the culture, essential ecological processes, ecological biodiversity and life support systems.