Top 10 Natural Wonders in Puerto Rico

When you plan a visit to Puerto Rico, there are so many different things to see, do and explore. From the most majestic beaches, to the always exciting historical places, there is plenty to choose from when visiting Puerto Rico. Nevertheless, you cannot think of leaving the island without paying a visit to some of our exciting Natural Wonders.

There is nothing more exciting and awe-inspiring than to pack lightly and explore the many different natural wonders the island has to offer. Being such a diverse island in such a small place, Puerto Rico boasts such a long list of places to see and explore. Let's explore a list of the top 10 natural wonders you cannot miss while in Puerto Rico.

10. Beaches or "Balnearios"

We will start our tour with some of Puerto Rico's finest attractions: our beaches. With countless miles of sandy-white beaches, Puerto Rico is one of the Caribbean's top locations for fun under the sun. There are plenty of beaches to choose, from the calm and soothing beaches in the south south-west, to the always exciting surfing beaches in the north north-west, and up to the adventurous beaches of the east, you can experience it all in Puerto Rico. To learn more about our beaches, visit our listing for Beaches or check out Victor Balbin's take on Puerto Rico's top 10 Beaches.

9. Local Flora and Fauna

Being an island, Puerto Rico is full of a wide variety of flora and fauna that you will not find anywhere else. From the majestic Flamboy?n trees, to the always playful Coqu? Frog, there is a lot to explore in our Island. For local bird-watching, Puerto Rico is a paradise full of different birds and species only found on the island, like the Puerto Rican parrot. Other places are our extense and lush forests that hold countless different types of animals and wild flowers. Also, you can be lucky and be sitting on a bench near Hatillo or Isabela and spot a whale passing by. Check out more in our Roads and Nature >> Wildlife Category.

8. Panoramic Route

Although the road is man-made, the scenery that the Panoramic Route will take you trough is almost magical. The Panoramic Route is a road that takes you all around Puerto Rico's most awe-inspiring sights, cutting through Puerto Rico's central and mountainous areas, with plenty of stops to immerse yourself in the beauty and splendor of Central Puerto Rico. So charge up your camera and enjoy the sights or rural Puerto Rico While you enjoy a "empanadilla" or "alcapurria" from the dozens of small food stands all around the route. Check out our listing for Panoramic Route.

San Cristóbal Canyon

7. San Crist?bal Canyon

The San Crist?bal Canyon is the only volcanic canyon that formed in the island. It runs through the towns of Barranquitas and Aibonito and is almost 10 kilometers long. The canyon is not easily accessible by roads, but there are several adventure tour services on the island that offer treks and adventures to the depths of the canyon. Learn more about the San Cristóbal Canyon.

6. Gu?nica Underwater Wonders

If you enjoy scuba diving, you cannot miss the Gu?nica Underwater Wonders, a collection of underwater features that lie in the southern town of Gu?nica. They include the Wall, the Aquarium, the Parthenon and the Pozas. All these locations require you to know proper scuba diving skills. Learn more about Guánica Underwater Wonders

5. Litoral Islands and Islets

There are so many wonderous and exciting things to do in the countless islands and islets all around the island. Most of them are only reachable by private transportation or boat, while some of them are readily accessible via ferries and other public and private transportation services. Examples like Caja de Muertos island in the south, Palominito island in the east, and Gilligan's Island in the west are the most prominent ones.

4. Gu?nica Dry Forest

The Gu?nica Dry Forest is a beauty and contrasts the tropical lushness of El Yunque. This forest showcases a historic lighthouse, a lookout tower, 700 types of plants and trees, it has the richest population of birds on the Island (136 different species), a lignum vitae tree that is over 1,000 years old, 14 hiking trails, several beaches and offshore cays where you can kayak and snorkel. No camping is allowed. Learn more about 135. Learn more about Guánica Dry Forest.

3. Vieques and La Parguera Bioluminescent Bays

The Bioluminescent Bays are areas of relatively shallow water where you will be able to see millions of tiny little underwater animals and bacteria that light up right before your eyes, making a show you are not to miss. These bays are considered protected areas and are only reached by boat. Puerto Rico has two main Bioluminescent bays: one in the town of La Parguera, in Gu?nica, and the other in the island of Vieques. To explore them, make sure you reach the ports early in the night and book one of the earliest departing tours. Also remember to go in groups and try avoid single passenger trips. Learn more about La Parguera Bioluminescent Bay.

Camuy River Caverns

2. Camuy River Caverns

One of the most beautiful and mystical places you will find on the island are the The Camuy River Caverns in the town from which they take their name. The Camuy River Caverns are a series of caves that were carved billions of years ago by the passing of an underwater river. Only two of the caverns is open to the public, but the walk down the caves is a sight all by itself. The park is normally crowded all year long, with gates closing as early as 10:30AM when the park reaches maximum capacity for the day. So if you are going to visit, please make sure you arrive there early (7:30AM you are already running late). For more info, check out our listing for Camuy River Caverns.

1. El Yunque Rainforest

We will end our list of top 10 Natural Wonders in Puerto Rico with the El Yunque Rainforest, a lush tropical forest that covers an area of around 28,000 acres. The only tropical forest in the US National Forest System is reported to drop about 100 billion gallons of precipitation each year. Exploring El Yunque is an adventure by itself; so diverse and remote, that many people have gotten lost on its countless trails. You can explore the El Yunque by driving to the visitor center entrance in the town of Luquillo. Many camping and picnic areas are available, and is a sight you cannot miss. Learn more about El Yunque Tropical Forest.
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