Rainforest Zipline Corp.

Eco-tourism project focussed on providing the zipline experience in a safe manner in a magnificent environment surrounded by ART and NATURE.

Description from the publisher

Offer the zip line experience to people from six (6) years old and older, with or without previous experience in this extreme sport. Help them develop or improve the required skills for this sport. Create trustworthy business relationships with the concierges, transportation representatives, tours guides and hotel’s or guest houses’ representatives in order to have their support and recommendation with the internal and external tourists they receive or bring service to. Educate in regards to the preservation of our forest ecosystems and the wonders of the living nature that surrounds us and we are part of. Share with our visitors the history and mystic of our enchantement island in specific of the "El Yunque Rain Forest".

How to get there

Rio Grande,form road #3 to road 191 in Poblado Palmer rout to "El Yunque" trun rith in the km 0.9 an up to the hill all way to the end.

Last reviews

"Great starter experience for kids, older folks are timid folks"

I brought my 75 year old Mom to celebrate her birthday and 81 year old dad and the staff was beyond helpful in helping them have a very safe and fun time. We did 9 different zips and tried a few twice - great value. They are VERY helpful (but zips are shorter so not best place if adventurous)…

Pete Moran from california