La Parguera

Seaside area in the town of Lajas, features one of the most beautiful bioluminescent bays on the Island. Restaurants and hotels nearby offer an excellent place to stay and enjoy Puerto Rico.

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One place that almost every Puerto Rican has visited at least once is La Parguera, a sleepy seaside area in the town of Lajas. Fishermen work out of the islet-dotted bay, yachts head out to cruise the Caribbean, and friendly guesthouses and small hotels cluster around the shore. You’ll find the village streets packed with young people enjoying the fresh sea air and simply hanging out. On weekends and summer evenings, La Parguera is a party town until midnight, when the wisely mandated curfew ensures that everyone takes a break. La Parguera’s greatest draw of all is the Phosphorescent Bay. A microscopic life form called dinoflagellates, makes the water glow in the dark like an inverted sky. La Parguera is one of the few places on earth (and one of two in Puerto Rico) where these fireflies of the sea are always visible. A host of boats makes regular runs from the village to the bay, lasting about an hour and costing only a a few dollars. Your captain will cut the lights on his tiny vessel, and as you glide into the darkness you’ll see the wake of the boat turn a luminescent neon-green, and streaks of lights flash as startled fish swim away. Run your hands through the water; it will look as if thousands of diamonds are sparkling between your fingers. The best time to go is on a cloudy or moonless night, but even under starlight the boat ride is worth the modest fee. Join the party or tour the Phosphorescent Bay. Better still, plan to spend a few days in this remarkable area.

How to get there

From San Juan take Road 52 to Ponce and then Road 2 towards San Germán. Exit onto Road 116 to La Parguera.

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