Caribbean Paradise Restaurant

Full service restaurant located at the Caribbean Paradise Hotel in Maunabo.

Description from the publisher

The full service restaurant on the premises of the Caribbean Paradise Hotel is one of the finest eating establishments in southeastern Puerto Rico -- featuring several dishes of Puerto Rican cuisine as well as continental. Dine indoors or in th garden terrace and enjoy the tropical breeze, or while waiting for your meal ask for one of our delicious Piña Coladas.

How to get there

From the airport towards Patillas, take road PR-52 towards Ponce and take exit #53 towards Guayama. Continue road PR-54 until intersection with road #3 to the right. From there you will see a banner sign of the Parador (white bohio with brown background). Continue road #3 until another Parador Sign at the intersection of road #3, until arriving at Guardarraya Warden of Patillas (at the exit to the town of Maunabo).

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