The Written Stone

Large stone sitting on the bed of a river covered with taino petrogliphs.

Description from the publisher

The Written Stone is a monument of great arqueological and cultural importance, and recently of artistic value. Located on the bed of the Saliente river (which the locals call Coabey river), it is a large granite monolith that contains several petrogliphs made by the taino indians that resided on the area. The Written Stone is part of a larger complex of prehistoric drawings and other gliphs. The rock itself measures about 10 meters by four meters. There has been identified some 52 petrogliphs, 34 of which are individual representations and 18 are part of a group. To the west of the rock, there are two smaller rocks that have 2 petrogliphs. To get to the written stone, you must descend a long pathway that takes you from the parking area above to the river below. The pathway itself is filled of beauty and some kind of magic that almosts makes you travel back to the taino times. The area where the rock is located is also a recreational area, so be sure to wear your bathing suits and take a splash next to the rock.

How to get there

Road 144 Km 2.3. From Ponce, take road #10 towards Adjuntas. Take a right

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