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Pure Adventure Corp. offers a variety of eco-excursions like diving, snorkeling, kayaking and even birdwatching! You will not only learn about Puerto Rico's nature but also will have so much fun in a safety environment. We are the only company who's guide is a diver instructor & Marine Biologist. Come with us if you really want to know Puerto Rico!

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Whether you want to dive on the deep underwater world, snorkel close to the reef, kayak on an astonishing bay or being bird watching on a secluded mangrove forest and lagoon, Pure Adventure is the company to help you accomplish your goal in Puerto Rico. Providing excursion on the East and North coast: Diving hard Humacao, Fajardo, Vieques & Culebra; Snorkeling and exploring reef & seclude beaches on Fajardo & Manati; Kayaking (while appreciating nature) through bays, mangrove forest & lagoons on Fajardo & Humacao, watching endemics and exotic birds from spectacular ecosystems on Humacao. Let Pure Adventure to take you on a journey off the bidden track always guided by a Diver Instructor and Marine Biologist. Locations: Fajardo (East), Humacao (East) and Manati (North). Let Pure Adventure to take you on the finest ecosystems and the best eco-trips for a day that you will never forget!

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Very professionals and knowledgeable about marine environment.

David Hill from Florida - 11 years ago