Hacienda Juanita Parador

The Parador Hacienda Juanita offers 21 hotel rooms authentically decorated, some with ancient pillar beds and antique peices; private bathrooms and equipped with all of the necessary items you would need for your visit and enjoyment.

Description from the publisher

It is said that upon the first half of the 19th century, a young couple from the Island of Corsica, founded a coffee plantation, orginally named "Hacienda La Juanita" (The Juanita Plantation) in honor of its owner. With almost 400 acres of land, which extended a few meters to the town of Maricao. The plantation was built in the year 1834 using two types of native hard wood called "ausubo" and "moralon," and clay bricks and stones. The rest of the premises included barracks and/or living quarters for the aggregate farmers, communal kitchen, storage area, stables, orchard, machine room, store, living quarters for the butler, besides big glacis and a belt system used to dry the coffee under the sun. During the beginning of the 60's, as Hacienda Juanita became one of the most prposperous plantations of the region, a modern coffee dryer was installed in the machine room. At the beginning of the 70's, the interest of the government to develop and promote the island's tourism industry, marked new horizons in the history of the Plantation. After undergoing an adaptation stagein which its physical installations were substantially modified, the plantation became an inn or hostelry and a restaurant. It was inaugurated at the end of November 1976. For various decades the Parador Hacienda Juanita (Juanita Plantation Hostelry), one of the first three "paradores" and/or hostelries established in Puerto Rico, has been sponsored by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. Today Hacienda Juanita, its Puerto Rican family owner and associates welcome travelers and visitors with their warmest dedication and service commitment. Hacienda Juanita is the only Puerto Rican hostelry promoted by the prestigious "AAA Caribbean Travel Book." AAA is an influential member of an American auto drivers group (50 million subscribers), which include in its travel lists only those hotels that undergo rigorous periodical inspection plans. Since 1995, our hotel has been continuously honored as member of this exclusive group.

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"Romantic Hacienda"

We loved this place,is so romantic and peaceful, food is excellent, service great and is just out of this world!!!!!!…

Walleska from Guaynabo