Highway Inn Hotel

Highway Inn provides our guests with 37 rooms available with one or two beds equipped with air conditioning, television and private bathrooms.

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Whether you’re an executive on a business trip or looking for a week-end escape the Highway Inn is the right place for you to stay. Everyone needs a nice cozy bed to sleep in and the Highway Inn provides both coziness and tranquility. Let us take care of your needs and provide you with good service. Highway Inn is located in Puerto Rico's golden coast; the West Coast, where you can find some of the finest beaches, natural reserves, historic colonial towns and much more. Highway Inn Hotel is only minutes away from it all. Located in the most centralized location of the west, Highway Inn Hotel is closer to everything than any other hotel in the area. Our renovated motor inn-style is perfect for travelers who wish to explore the sights and beauty of the West, or simply for those who wish to lie floating on the pool or sit back in one of our wooden gazebos while enjoying the fresh country breeze.

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