El Ancla Restaurant

Sea food and puertorrican dinery located right on the beach in Ponce.

Description from the publisher

Located at Ponce's city beach, the fresh seafood of this establishment are served with papas fritas (french fries) and garlic bread. The menu includes shrimp, lobster, chicken and beef and the salmon filet and paella are recommended. This is one of the better choices for regional specialties. Locals call the conch dish 'sexy conch' because of its aphrodisiac qualities. Definitely worth the trip for travelers to the area.

How to get there

Drive to Ponce via PR-52. Take the first exit to your right AFTER the Ponce letters (if coming from Mayaguez, take the SECOND one to your right). You will be at road #1 WEST. You will pass two traffic lights. On the third one, make a left, entering the Ponce By-Pass. Continue straight, you will pass the Plaza del Caribe Mall. When you see the mall, take the left lane, and make a left on the first traffic light AFTER the mall (you will see a car dealer on the opposite far corner). This is Hostos Avenue. Continue driving directly ahead all the way to the end, the restaurant is located right on the sea shore. If coming from Mayaguez, then take route #2 towards Ponce. Do not take the highway, just keep on road #2 east. You will pass DAMAS Hospital. Once you do, keep your right and make a right turn on the traffic light.

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