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We at “Aventuras Puerto Rico” take pride in offering the best service in: Transportation - Custom Tours - Boat rides - Kayaking - Horseback Riding - Snorkeling Our services include transportation, tour guides, tickets and refreshments. “Aventuras Puerto Rico” is a local company that takes pride in the development of eco-tourism in the island, making our most precious natural resources available to everyone. Come and live the experience! Come and enjoy the Beauty of Puerto Rico Guánica Dry Forest - Named Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations, has amazing beauty to offer. Once you get to the hiking trails you can find over 700 different species of plants and observe over 40 of the 111 species of birds that live in the Island of Puerto Rico. Admire the 800 years old Guayacán tree and the area of natural bonsai's. The Bioluminescent Bay - Take a boat ride through the natural mangroves channels in the southwest part of the island while enjoying the most amazing sunset. Then depart to a one of a kind experience. At night, the micro-organisms that are only found in this part of the world, display the most amazing under water light show. Guilligan Island - Imagine a little Island with beautiful blue waters and white sand for you, your family and your friends. is a cay-a low, lush island atop a coral reef that is uninhabited except when receiving daring visitors. Tibes Indigenous Ceremonial Center - A reproduction of an indian village, the bateyes were used to play ritual ball game, perhaps, similar to soccer,a nd to celebrate religious festivals and dances. Rio Camuy Caves Park - Live the experience of exploring the caverns of the Camuy River home of the third largest subterranean river of the world. Arecibo Observatory - Come and admire the world largest radio telescope located in the town of Arecibo. The museum offers all visitors the opportunity to learn many of the fascinating facts of this amazing structure and the study of outer space. Kayaking - Experience kayaking like you have never seen through the most maze of natural mangroves in Puerto Rico. Come and enjoy the natural habitat, exotics birds, marine life and the elusive manatee. Horseback Riding -We start off our tour with a nice ride along the beach (and how many people have had that fantasy?) with the soft and beautiful blue waters around you. Snorkeling -Come and enjoy the underwater world in La Parguera. Explore three different habitat in this magnificent snorkeling experience. Downtown Ponce 1. Ponce Fire House - The red and black structure is the landmark in the city of Ponce. Built in 1882 as a main attraction for the World Fair. A year later, the local fire department moved into the structure and made it their Headquarters. Today is a museum and tourism center. 2. Vigia Cross - The structure built at top of "El Vigia" with the shape of a cross is a famous destination in the city of Ponce. This point was used in the 1800's to "watch" over the city and identify the ships that were coming into the port of Ponce. 3. Ponce Cathedral - This temple originally built in 1830 was partially destroyed by the earthquake of 1918 and later rebuilt in 1921. On 1924 by decree of Pope Pio XI was converted into a cathedral. 4. Serralles Castle - It is a magnificent example of Spanish Revival architecture, popular in the 1920's. It occupies three levels on the hillside. Minute detailing characterizes the windows, roofs, ironwork and mosaics. Transportation Service - Feel comfortable traveling to the airport, hotel or local destination in our transportation service.

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