Joyuda Beach Hotel

The only beach front hotel at Joyuda Beach, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.

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The Joyuda Beach Hotel was founded on July 25, 1991. Puerto Rico's Turism Development Company has designated us as a "Parador", meaning Inn. The "Paradores" program was established to decentralize turism from the Metropolitan area towards the panoramic sections of the Island. The Joyuda Beach Hotel is located in one of the "most splendid" natural settings and historic places in Puerto Rico, in the town of Cabo Rojo. Cabo Rojo meaning " Red Cape", is one of the Island's oldest cities. It is believed that Christopher Columbus disembarked in Cabo Rojo November 19, 1493, during his voyage and discovery of the "Enchanted Island" of Puerto Rico. Birthplace of Ramón Emeterio Betances (1827-1898), a renowned writer, doctor and politician who fought for the abolition of slavery in Puerto Rico; Salvador Brau (1842-1912), sociologist and historian, journalist and dramaturgy with worldwide recognition; and of Roberto Cofresí Ramírez de Arellano, best known as "El Pirata Cofresí" (1791-1825), a Puertorrican pirate who in 1824 sachet and destroyed 8 vessels, one of them North American, sharing his bout with his shipmates, family and most needed. There are many legends of hidden treasures resting "untouched" along these shores with tropical beaches of tranquil warm waters. Cabo Rojo is a treasure itself, full of beauty and adventure that one can only dream of. Come and enjoy our Bird Sanctuaries, Natural Reserves, Historical Lighthouse, Mangrove Reserves and many more natural and man-made attractions you'll love. Come enjoy the beauties of Cabo Rojo!

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